Young Scribes™

Who else is looking for a fun and exciting way to 
 promote young people while marketing and... 
 raising money for your organization?

Young Scribes™ is a free  fundraising, publicity, and marketing program that empowers schools and youth organizations to increase tangible outcomes and promote their organizations with books written by their young people.

Here’s a snapshot of the Young Scribes™ program:

  • Your finished project will be a published book, copy written and filed with the Library of Congress.
  • Your young people will be authentic, published authors.
  • An incredible way to promote and market your program or initiative.
  • A new and exciting way to raise money for your school or youth organization.
  • Increases the tangible outcomes for youth participating in your program.
  • Promotes youth empowerment and youth voice.
  • Enhances the written communication skills of your young people.
  • Young Scribes™ helps students develop intrinsic motivation for reading and writing.
  • Gives your young people a competitive advantage when it comes to getting scholarships, internships, jobs, and gaining college admission. Imagine your young person being able to sit in a college or job interview and pull out a copy of his or her published book. Powerful!
Get started on your Young Scribes™ book project today! For more info, to find out how it works, and/or to get stared on your project fill out the form below and one of our business development specialists will contact you within 24hrs.

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