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"Equipping Young Minds For Exceptional Performance™"

Al Duncan Publishing LLC specializes in publishing books on soft skills, personal and professional development for young people and the professionals working with them.

Our signature program is the  Young Scribes™ program.  Young Scribes™ is a free, unique fundraising, publicity, and marketing program that empowers schools and youth organizations to increase tangible outcomes and promote their organizations with books written by their young people. Click here for more info on the  Young Scribes™ program.



Al Duncan is the leading motivational speaker for at-risk youth and troubled young people.
An internationally recognized authority on soft skills, performance character , and personal development, Al has delivered DuncanNuggets®, live and in-person, to over one million young people around the world.
He is the author of 5 books including, My Success Journal for Young People, Get All Fired Up!, and My Career Journal.

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